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About Us

Praise-El School is the most centrally located preparatory school in the Doon Valley. At Praise-El School we provide early childhood education and care for children and help them develop a range of skills that make them ready to learn when they start school. We do ground work for the future.

Through their playing, singing and learning pre schoolers gain skills that ultimately help them learn to read and write. Praise-El School’s students are encouraged to become creative, active and engaged learners and problem solvers. Relationships developed in the classroom and extend into the entire school community, allowing for teachers, parents and students to know one another well.

We help your child develop their social, intellectual, physical and emotional skills. We provide safe and engaging atmosphere where your child can learn about the world around them while developing their independence and self confidence. Our program lays a strong foundation for future learning and success.


Praise-El School Motto and Objectives 

Motto – “Helping your child develop and learn through fun and creativity.”



We provide a child friendly environment that is safe, secure, caring and stimulating. To enhance the development and education of children through play. To encourage children to develop self-confidence and self-esteem and to feel valued as an individual.

Our Mission – We, the management and staff of Praise.El.School pledge to provide high quality education and childcare in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that builds a foundation for life-long learning.

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